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Garden studios have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more customers come to understand just how nice they can be.

For many people, a garden office can be the ideal place to work, relax, study, or enjoy hobbies in a private space that is separate from your main home.

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However, with so many garden studios out there in July 2024, there are also countless different ways to get them constructed.

Even the most basic garden building can be a completely bespoke addition to your property, and finding the ideal garden room for your needs will not always be easy.

We at the Garden Studio Company understand how important these garden buildings can be, and how to make sure that each client gets something that matches their needs perfectly.

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Who Are We?

The Garden Studio Company is a group of expert garden building specialists and design professionals, each of which has had entirely unique experiences within the industry.

We work directly with each client to produce great results that suit their specific needs, no matter what kind of project they are looking for.

Why Choose Us for Your Garden Studio?

As a professional UK garden studio company, we understand how to tackle a range of different demands and trends in the market.

We can provide all of the best popular garden studio designs and garden building types from November 2022 onwards, all at an extremely high standard of quality.

We work with clients at any scale, providing bespoke garden building options to any property owner that is looking for something brand new.

Over 15 Years Experience in Garden Buildings

With over fifteen years of experience in the garden building industry, we have the experience we need to create the perfect garden studio for each of our clients.

We have installed thousands of garden retreats and studio spaces throughout the years, each one using entirely different design options and quirks.

Accredited Garden Studio Company

Our work has earned us a lot of professional respect, including various accreditations from major organisations like CHAS and Constructionline. We do our best to meet the same high-quality standards with every project we take on, no matter what we are constructing.

Our Work

We aim for the same quality as brands like the Green Retreats Group from Westcott Venture Park.

Our experts can provide a huge range of different options to get a studio, showroom, summer house or blank canvas that suits your needs almost perfectly.

We understand how important a good studio can be and aim to mix great quality with affordable price points.

Compared to companies like Green Retreats Group, we focus on bespoke work, designing each fully-insulated and high-quality studio to meet the customer’s needs.

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What is a Garden Studio?

A garden studio is effectively a standalone garden building built to be used as an office or other usable workspace.

They are often built for privacy first and foremost, whether that is as a personal hobby room or a full garden office.

Garden rooms are classed as outbuildings, meaning that they do not usually require planning permission. They also provide a range of core benefits that make them invaluable to any homeowner that needs them, especially if built by professionals.

We provide a huge range of garden studio options, including countless different ways to modify basic garden buildings into a new garden office that is perfect for your needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke garden studios to each client that needs one.

Constructing a Garden Studio

Our experts were able to tackle every part of all the past garden spaces we have created, and we know how to do our job well. However, every studio, showroom or summer house is different, and we aim to create a great space for each client we get.


We source our materials from reliable sources, similar to other companies like Green Retreats.

We see studios as art, and we choose our material options very carefully to suit each build.

Whether you want a red cedar desk with red cedar window frames or a more modern style that uses smooth single-colour materials, we can get the exact kind of cedar wood, plastic, metal, or any other materials you want.


Light is a vital part of any indoor area, and we take care of the lighting to make sure that each space is comfortable, relaxing, and well-light in accordance with health and safety requirements.


Windows often go overlooked. However, we aim to make sure that we are always choosing the right windows for each space, whether we have created a garden showroom or a closed-in summer house.

We also approach issues like getting double glazing and making sure that the windows themselves are not easy to damage.


Doors are similarly overlooked, but our experts make sure that all doors are fully insulated and that they can be locked as needed.


Insulation is a huge part of our construction process. Even the most basic double-glazing efforts make a big difference to the finished space.

For example, getting double-glazing is important for any space, even ones that you would not think needed double-glazing.

Double-glazing every window in an open-design showroom or cosy summer house can make the spaces warmer and more relaxing.

We can make sure that we get the right specialists in to handle double glazing work, no matter how many windows that involves.


We are more than willing to take charge of getting you the style you are looking for, whether that means comparing options and price points or picking out the rest of the materials to secure a specific aesthetic.

We can use your new building as a showroom for itself, providing a huge range of options and allowing you to decide on the exact style you are looking for. That could be sleek lines, bright colours, or whatever else you want most.


We aim to keep each design we create entirely maintenance-free, or at least low-maintenance enough to ensure that you do not need to rely on us to repair your offices, studios or green retreats.

However, if there are problems, we are fully equipped to repair the damage and resolve the issue ourselves. We provide post-installation support for all UK customers.


Quality is our main focus, and we do our best to ensure that everything we create is as good as possible. Whether that means competing against companies like Green Retreats or going for something entirely unique, we know what we are doing.

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Types of Garden Room

The concept of a garden room is simple: you turn part of your outdoor space into a separate room that you can use all year round.

However, our garden studios are highly versatile. Whether you are looking for certain features or just want a particular kind of garden space to work with, our garden rooms can fill a lot of different niches.

Generic Garden Rooms

Sometimes a generic, non-specific garden room is all you need.

These can be great garden retreats for people who want an extra room all year round, combining outstanding natural beauty with the versatility of having a mess-free space to adjust as needed.

This is perfect for year-round use. You may use the building as an office one month and a party space the next – having a free and accessible garden room available never hurts.

These buildings also tend to be very good when it comes to flexibility, meaning that you can adapt your garden buildings to fit a number of roles as needed. For example, you might move some new seating in there temporarily or stock it with gym equipment for the summer.

Small Garden Rooms

Small garden rooms are not really their own type, but they can still be important. A smaller garden room takes up less space and provides just as much flexibility as a normal-sized garden room, meaning that you can keep more of your garden while still getting that extra hobby room.

Going for something smaller can be a great option if you want to keep costs low and focus on your garden first and foremost.

Having these small garden retreats means that you are not damaging your entire garden with a building that might be too large for your needs.

Garden Offices

The humble garden office is a major part of the garden studio market. A lot of people find a garden office invaluable, providing them with an isolated year-round workspace where they can get to work on their own terms.

This can suit a lot of people working from home. Being able to work without family interrupting can be important, and the indoor office space can be customised to suit whatever styles make you the most productive.

A good garden office is not just a standalone space to work quietly. These can also be great places to set up any equipment that you might need, such as creating a photography studio. This stops you from putting your business gear in the house where it can be damaged easily.

Garden Gyms

Many people use their garden studios as DIY gyms, adding exercise equipment to create an ideal exercise room for year-round workouts.

This can be one of the best ways to use a garden room if you have a lot of exercise gear lying around since it often takes up a lot of space in your main home.

These garden room gyms can be a great option for anybody who likes to work out regularly since you will be protected from the pouring rain while also avoiding the clutter and noise of your home itself.

Keeping all of your exercise equipment in one place makes it very easy to access it as needed, too.

Micro Homes

Some people go the extra mile and turn their garden room into a micro home. This takes a lot of work, but if you do it right, you can have a separate small house in your garden that is perfect for guests.

These micro homes are not going to be that big, as the name implies, but that does not make them bad. If anything, it can make them more practical, providing you with a new garden room that is perfect for visitors to use separately from your main home.

Whether you are renting out the micro home, keeping it for family or just using it for yourself, it can be a great way to use a garden studio if you do not have any other particular plans for it. You just need to make sure that it is a usable home before you try legally renting it to anybody.

Corner Buildings

Corner buildings are the perfect garden studio choice for anybody whose garden feels empty in one corner. These are garden buildings built around the corner of your property, used for whatever purpose you feel like using them for.

While these are not really a type of garden studio in the conventional sense, they are still an incredibly good option to aim for, especially if you are looking for a garden studio to fill a corner of your garden that looks barren or empty.

These also tend to have a more triangular shape, which can make them a great option for a smaller garden office.

Hobby Rooms

A hobby room can be a great self-indulgent space to add to your property, letting you enjoy your hobbies at your own pace in a controlled and private space.

Whether you enjoy painting, woodworking or any other kind of hobby, having a dedicated hobby room allows you to enjoy it in peace while also keeping your hobby away from family and friends.

No matter what you do for fun, this kind of hobby room can be very important to a lot of people. By making it a garden studio instead of a home extension, you can guarantee that your hobby gear remains exactly where you left it.

Independent Business Space

If you run your own independent business – or even an online business – then it can be a great idea to use a garden studio as your office.

This could become the space where you create, package, and sell your products. Even if you are just re-selling old items online, having a dedicated room for it can make things a lot more practical. It might also end up being a great showroom for items you want to sell in person.

In some cases, it might even become an invaluable way to separate your home life from your home business life. By not letting the two sides mix in the same space, you can avoid being occupied by one when trying to manage the other.


Garden studios serve as excellent alternatives to sheds. Not only can they provide a lot more space overall, but most garden buildings also boast a lot more room. This makes them a very practical choice of shed space.

Using one of these studios as a shed can give you a lot more benefits to work with. For example, they are often more secure and have a lot more room to move around in, as well as being proper garden buildings instead of wooden cabins.

Green Retreats

A lot of people like to use their garden studios as green retreats, creating a space that stays modern while using fewer natural resources overall.

These green retreats require specific construction styles, but once they are fully installed, you can use solar light systems and green heating options to create something environmentally friendly and comfortable.

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Garden Studio Cost

A purpose-built garden studio usually costs around £9,000 to £10,000 in its most basic form.

Of course, there can be a lot that influences this cost, especially if you are looking for a highly bespoke garden studio with a range of niche additions or tweaks.

Even something small, like window and door options, can have an impact on the total cost of your garden studio. Most garden buildings are going to be unique, and that means that installation and materials costs will change from project to project.

Contact our experts if you want help getting a price estimate for your new garden studio design. We can help you manage your garden studio idea to keep the new building within your budget.

Benefits of Garden Studios

Garden studios offer a lot of useful benefits that make them invaluable for a long list of reasons. Not only can they be incredibly versatile, but they are a perfect fit for many niche uses, especially in situations where garden buildings are already an ideal choice as a whole.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of garden studios, whether you go for a basic garden studio building or something completely bespoke.


A garden studio offers excellent privacy. You can create art, enjoy hobbies, get to work or exercise without having to worry about being seen by passers-by.

If privacy is a big concern, we can offer one-side window and door options that prevent a person from seeing in easily.

A good garden studio provides a lot of privacy and isolation. We can tackle each building project according to the client’s needs, installing privacy features and modern security measures as requested.


Unlike some other garden buildings, we can create a garden studio that has its own heating and insulation. This includes double-glazed windows, fully-insulated walls and doors, and a range of other temperature control features, including heating under the flooring.

Using Garden Spaces

Our garden studios can turn a patch of empty garden into a studio that sees year-round use. Many studios become a blank canvas that can be adapted into whatever building you need most, making each studio very multi-functional.

While companies like Green Retreats might focus on specific goals, we take the skill of Green Retreats and apply it to completely bespoke work. If you have an idea for your studio, we can make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build a studio in your garden?

Building a studio in your garden is a great option. The relaxing surroundings can enhance your office desk space, help you rest after work, and set your studio apart from your main house.

Do garden studios add value?

Like any garden building, the installation of a garden studio adds plenty of value to your house. Building a studio for year-round use can increase your house value dramatically without requiring any planning permission or direct home extension work.

Do you need planning permission for an office in the garden?

Planning permission usually is not necessary for any year-round garden buildings like this. However, this depends on the building.

You generally need to seek planning permission before installation and building work begins, and that means submitting plans for your proposed buildings. Sometimes it can be important to seek permission, even if you do not need to, based on the kind of building you are creating.

A larger studio building may require planning permission, especially any studio building that takes up more space than usual within your property.

How big can a garden studio be without planning?

In most cases, you will not need planning permission for garden buildings less than 10m x 10m in size. They also need to be at least 20m from your main building as a general annex range guideline.

Can you sleep in a garden office?

As long as your newly-installed garden building follows the right building regulations, you can both live there and sleep there. This requires things like secure window and door options, proper light, durable walls and the right insulation to keep you safe.

A lot of modern garden buildings serve a dual purpose after installation, doubling as a spare mini-house. While not all modern styles do this, the added construction work to install the insulation and house-grade materials is not too much of an addition.

It only takes a small amount of work to enhance a garden studio until it becomes a fully-insulated house suitable for year-round use.

Do I need planning permission for a garden room with toilet?

In most cases, you do not need planning permission to include a toilet in your new garden building. This is because they are not considered self-contained living accommodations since you can technically use your regular toilet instead.

If you are renting out the new studio installation as a fully complete home, then you will usually need to include a toilet for this exact reason.

Can I build a studio flat in my garden?

It is easy to build a modern studio space in your garden, with permitted development rights allowing most of the work to be done without needing planning permission. There are a lot of styles and materials to choose from, though, and the process still takes time.

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